Trouble With RobotsTrouble With Robots

TWR Level Spotlight: Elf and Safety!

‘Elf and Safety’ is one of the introductory levels in Trouble With Robots, and will be your first glance into the magical, and oppressive, world. Join the villagers of Trollworth, along with their elven and centaur comrades, as they are forced to leave the safety of their forest home to battle their mechanical overlords!

When the Robots started making trouble in their neighborhood, the villagers opted out of moving in with their Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air.

These will be staple cards in your deck until you start unlocking the bigger and badder summons/spells!

The Ranger, and similar summons, are deceptive when played in the right decks. Although only a single unit is summoned, the buffs they bring along with them open up some destructive combos!


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