Trouble With RobotsTrouble With Robots

TWR Level Spotlight: Dwarf Fortress!

Trouble With Robots has over 19 primary levels, 6 challenge levels, and 8 level expansions – the completion of each level unlocks tons of rewards that will help you along your way.

The mountain-themed levels will be the first time we see the Troll summon in action, and start to use the dwarves in battle! As you progress through the game levels are unlocked you will earn ‘Stars’, the in-game currency, and new cards along with them!

The Trouble With Robots adventure takes you from the forest, surrounded by elves and centaurs, to the robot-ruled city as you fight alongside your magical companions for freedom – each level featuring unique art that captures the look and feel of the inhabitants as well as the world around them!

This level takes place atop a mountain riddled with dwarvish mines!

A sneak peek at 2 cards you will definitely find useful in the level above!

The Troll is one of the first big HP tanks you will be able to summon!


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