Trouble With RobotsTrouble With Robots

TWR Card Reveal #2!


As the story progresses you’ll be able to earn and use Robotic cards! Summon a legion of metal soldiers to fight for your cause! ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Droid’ are solid cards on their own, but holding on to ‘Upgrade’ makes playing ‘Droid’ a big deal. ‘Slow Motion’ is an obvious advantage for your ranged units, and even makes aiming ‘Rocket Drop’ easier too!

Re-wire is always a favorite, so long as the unit has less than 100HP you can take it over!

Summon 4 Batonbots.
While in hand, other cards that summon Batonbots summon Compliance Officers instead.

Summon two People Management Units and 2 Batonbots.

Rocket Drop
Fires a rocket in large area, plus three more each time it is played.

Slow Motion
Slows enemy units for 20 seconds.

Gain control of an enemy target with 100HP or less.


These are the Healing and Support cards, and depending on your card-draw luck you’ll need to think about when you use them! ‘Heal’ and ‘Hope Charm’ are your first and most basic healing options – when what you really need is a big heal. Hope Charm has the added benefit of having multiple charges, but heals for a set amount.

Turn the Tide and Energize create follow-up options for the player. Energize removes the tight Power restrictions – meaning the size of your army is only limited by your held cards! Turn the Tide’s effect is quite titular, dealing damage to the enemy while healing your wounded.

Fully heal all friendly units.

Hope Charm
Heal all friendly units 40HP per charge, 3 charges.

Turn the Tide
Deal 20DMG to enemies and restore 20HP to allies in a targeted area. Effect is then applied to to all units in play.

Heal all friendly units for 30HP, Power recharges faster until a non-summon card is played.


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