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Trouble With Robots presents… The Easterbot Sale!


Is there anyone out there who hasn’t played Trouble With Robots yet? Maybe your brother? Your mother? That annoying old man next door? Well then, they won’t have any excuse for the next two days. We’re happy to present The Easterbot Sale!

From April 3rd to 4th, Trouble With Robots will be free for iOS, thanks to a collaboration with our good friends from Apps Gone Free (@AppsGoneFreeApp). The game is free to download from the iTunes App Store, and, for this limited time, you can also get chapters 2 & 3 totally free of charge just by using the in-game upgrade menu. That’s our gift to celebrate Easter! (…in case you didn’t notice by our clever title).

We wish you all a happy Easter time! Relax, spend your free time with your significant others… and of course play and beat some records in Trouble With Robots. Don’t forget that you can share your screenshots in Twitter. Show us your best moves and mark them with #troublewithrobots!


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