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Strategy tips #2: How to beat Escape in Hard mode

Escape is the first level of Chapter 3, AKA the Megamort expansion. Like the name suggests, it details the getaway of our heroes from the heinous alien ship. It can be a bit tricky, and a TWR player named Mike has reached out to us via our Facebook and asked us for help to beat the level in Hard mode.

Today we’re going to share a deck created by our community manager, Mariela. We want to keep the strategy simple here, so that anyone who has just reached this level of the storyline will still be able to give it a try. There are no “premium” cards in this list, just the ones that you are likely to have already obtained by this point.

  • Angry Mob
  • Forge Workers
  • Mining Guild
  • Defiant Guardian
  • Hope Charm
  • Invigorate
  • Slow Motion


It’s a deck based on dwarves: those tough guys will be useful to confront the upgraded Baton Robots, way more resistant than the basic ones. While the front line is busy with this, it’s very important to protect the rearguard, where our own range robots and elves are. Slow Motion will prevent range enemy attacks from reaching us too quickly, providing our dwarves enough time to break the lines. Angry Mob will power up our army, along with Invigorate, which will also give us extra help by recharging our hand faster.

Easy, right? But as simple as it looks, it could be quite effective even in Hard mode. Give it a try and tell us your thoughts! If you have other ideas, please toss us some other suggestions! What’s your favorite deck to beat Escape?



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