Trouble With RobotsTrouble With Robots

Strategy tips #1: How to beat the VR Lab

Today we’re bringing you the first of our (many) tips and strategies to build great decks in Trouble With Robots. This one comes from Dan, one of our developers, and it’s a combination made to beat one of the toughest and scariest levels in the game: The VR Lab!

  • Select the following cards:

    • – Heal
    • – Wisdom
    • – Book of Infinite Pages
    • – Squall Charger
    • – Storm Dragon
    • – Invigorate
    • – Slow Motion
    • – Speedster
    • – Energize


  • Play storm dragons as often as possible to build up a large number of storm dragons.
  • Use various non-summoning cards to draw cards, boost your mana, heal your units, buff your units, and inhibit the enemy units: these will cause your storm dragons to deal large amounts of damage to the enemy units


  • Play Squall Chargers defensively; save them for when a wave approaches that contains many ranged enemies, which will prevent your units from taking large amounts of damage.
  • Play your cards strategically to minimize losses while devestating your foes with lightening strikes from above

And yes, it works… take a look at the result! Good job, Dan!



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