Trouble With RobotsTrouble With Robots

Game Overview

Trouble With Robots is an exciting new mobile game for iOS and Android. The game blends strategic elements of a real-time strategy style game with the card collection and deck building elements of a collectible trading card game. The result is a an amazingly enjoyable game of strategic real-time card gaming action.

The beautifully designed levels and character art will likely be the first thing to draw you in. Next, the witty and humorous dialog will brings the story to life as you progress in the game. All these artistic elements blend with the music and sound effects to give you an amazing user experience.

Ultimately, it’s the gameplay that shines here, even though it may be the art that attracts you. The expertly designed cards, characters, and levels will keep you entertained with just the right balance of planning, action, strategy, and even a little luck. Once you beat back a couple hordes of invading robots, you will be hooked!

Developed for mobile platforms by Art Castle Ltd., “Trouble With Robots” is sure to grab your attention and deliver hours and hours of real-time card gaming fun.

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