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Thanksgiving sale! Get Trouble With Robots for FREE (almost)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Turkey and balloons are not the only good things happening this holiday. Like we did last year, we are happy to give you Trouble With Robots for (almost) free. You’ll have to read further for the “hidden words”, but we won’t ask you too much, we promise!

If you own an iOS device, things are completely easy. You will be able to download the bundle with chapters 2&3 of the game for free just upgrading your game, or downloading it here.

Android users, however, need to pay a bit to get the bundle. But way less than usual! Just go to your Upgrade and select the bundle, you’ll get it for 0,99 USD / 1,03 €. If you don’t have the game yet, what are you waiting for? Download it here.

The sale will be active until Monday 30th. Hope you’ll enjoy the game this weekend, and remember that we’ll share more tips and tricks in the blog soon. Stay tuned!


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