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Trouble With Robots is live on Google Play!

Great news today! After all the love and support from the iOS community, we’ve finally taken the leap to Android. Yes, Trouble With Robots is live in Google Play from today! First chapter is free, same as iOS, and you can purchase chapters 2 & 3 for just $2.99 (USD) each or both of them together in a bundle (for even cheaper).

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We’re sure that we’ll have the same success on Android, a version which many people were expecting. If you like the game, you know what to do: play it, rate it, post some screenshots to Twitter, and tell your friends to do the same. Let’s spread the word about that nasty robot invasion!

But there’s more: we’ve made some changes and updates on both versions. Now you can share your screenshots and awards on Twitter. We’re looking for the next Trouble With Robots PRO player… by now, we’re still amazed by friends like Tom Norfolk, who got an army of more than 1500 troops (Don’t believe it? Check here). Can you beat that record? C’mon, we want to see those screens! Share and don’t forget to mention us on Twitter or Facebook.

We’ve also fixed some minor bugs and glitches that you guys helped detect on iOS. If you’re playing on iOS, check for the update!

So yes, we’re excited to keep rolling, and that’s thank to you all. We’ll be preparing more surprises for the next weeks. Stay tuned!


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