Trouble With RobotsTrouble With Robots


Trouble With Robots (TWR) is an exciting new mobile game for mobile devices! Trouble With Robots incorporates elements from both the real-time strategy and collectible card game genres, resulting in a title that emphasises both strategic deck building and quick decision making. Players collect cards, build decks, and battle against the oncoming hordes of robotic intruders.

Trouble With Robots

Trouble With Robots will likely draw comparisons from popular games like “Ironclad Tactics” and the original “Plants vs Zombies,” which also adopt the similar goal of pushing waves of attacking enemies out of each stage. The beginning of each stage allows players to customize their deck using cards they’ve earned so far. As players grow in power, so too will their ability to summon creatures, cast spells, and execute devastating combinations!

With well over 10 hours of gameplay the Trouble With Robots tale sends players on a humorous journey through a world occupied by many creatures of great magic and frightening technology. Players will embark on a quest across all corners of the map to unite the magical creatures of the land, and under your banner they will march against the growing control of Voldetron and his robotic legion.


Victory is not the end! In Trouble With Robots, battles can be played in the three standard difficulties, each with better rewards: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Furthermore, Limited Mode is unlocked by completing the main story and cripples the player by locking half of their collected cards for each level. Every level offers tons of replay value with unique challenges, testing both your creativity and deck synergy!

  • ADVENTURE through 26 storyline levels and 6 very difficult challenge levels
  • CUSTOMIZE your deck for each unique level
  • LAUGH with a full cast of hilarious and heartwarming characters
  • COLLECT over 40 cards consisting of creature summon, healing, strengthening, direct damage, and other spells
  • UNLOCK levels and modes to add a new experiences and tons of replay value
  • CONQUER challenges and reap the rewards

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